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Chairman Mathew Hodapp (MN)

Sgt Mathew Hodapp, NTC Chairman:        


On behalf of the 45,000 members of the National Trooper’s Coalition, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website. The National Trooper’s Coalition is the nation’s premiere and mostly widely known and respected organization that represents our nation’s troopers and highway patrol officers.

Since 1977, the NTC has been advocating for it’s member while providing national legislative lobbying, information sharing and in assisting member states in achieving the best equipment, salaries, pensions, working conditions and other fringe benefits. While assisting our members, the Coalition will take all steps necessary and reasonable in working towards improving the welfare, interests and conditions of employment of the nation’s troopers and highway patrol officers. What started out as a regional gathering of State Police associations in the early 70’s, our coalition members now represent members from the east coast to the west coast. The Coalition’s Executive Board is comprised of representatives from all over the country and we remain ready to assist any member, any time.

As times change, so do the working conditions and the threats that face our nation’s state police officers. We now must deal with a large number of homeland security issues, as well as a steady increase in crime and violence. While we continue to work side by side with our brother and sister law enforcement officers, be them in a local, county or federal agency, many of our troopers and highway patrol officers find themselves working alone, in the farthest reaches of our nation or on the most dangerous stretches of highway. The Coalition will continue our mission of advocating for more troopers and for the equipment that protects them. The days of “doing more with less” and not providing our officers with the tools necessary to protect them and the citizens they serve, should be long behind us, but are not. No trooper should be out in the field without issued protective armor, but we know that not all are provided with these bulletproof vests. Our patrol vehicles need to be state of the art and maintained to the highest degree. But in these economic times, we find our employers cutting back on necessary safety equipment and asking us to extend the mileage beyond what is safe for the type of work we do for our citizens. Our local, state and federal politicians need to remember that security starts at home and in this time of war and unrest, they need to provide the nation’s first responders with the tools necessary to get the mission completed.

The National Trooper’s Coalition will continue to increase its lobbying efforts in Washington D.C. and insure that our voice is heard. We will push for laws, appropriations and grants that provide the best for our troopers and highway patrol officers. We will continue as the best national advocate for you and will provide you with an outstanding network of communication and resource sharing.

Please feel free to contact me or any other Executive Board member is assistance or information is needed and feel free to use any of the information contained on this site.

-Mathew Hodapp, Minnesota

Chairman Mathew Hodapp (MN)


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