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Identity Theft


The recent dramatic increase of Identity Theft has caused the National Troopers Coalition to take action. The hacking group Anonymous has been targeting police agencies and releasing the private information of police officers on the web.  Within the past two weeks, Austin, Salt Lake City, Syracuse, Boston, and West Virginia have been attaked and their members information compromised.  Then, after two of our Board Members had their identities stolen while using NTC credit cards, the NTC realized we needed protection. After extensive research we selected Entrust America to provide that protection. The NTC has provided all of our Board Members who have issued company credit cards with this protection to safeguard your association. We have now partnered with Entrust America to provide you with the same level of protection. 


Entrust America is not the typical identity theft company. They were created by former law enforcement officers and almost exclusively hire former law enforcement officers to provide their service. This service is what sets them apart. Entrust America believes recovery and restoration of you to your pre-identity theft status is the most important issue. If your identity is stolen Entrust America will fully manage the investigation in collaboration with law enforcement to recover any lost assets and restore you to pre-theft status, 100% GUARANTEED! Basically, they do all the work for you after you file the report with law enforcement then Entrust America. 

The National Troopers Coalition and Entrust’s partnership also offers a free internet Redaction Package to help eliminate your personal profile from the internet. Google yourself and see how much personal information is out there, all easily found on the internet. This service will help you lessen your exposure on the very public internet. Most companies charge several hundred dollars for this service. 

The partnership between the NTC and Entrust America allows you to get Individual coverage or Family coverage that covers your spouse and all dependent up to age 26! All for an amazingly low price of just $99.95 a year for Family coverage and $79.95 a year for Individual coverage. You can also choose a monthly payment option of $9.95 and $7.95 respectively. If paid yearly that comes out to just 27 cents a day for Family coverage and 22 cents a day for Individual coverage. You then can check your homeowner’s policy and eliminate the identity protection rider that usually costs about $2.00 to $3.00 a month since it will most likely not provide the level of coverage you will get from Entrust America, further lessening your expense. 

To check out this offer and find more information, click the link below to go to the NTC/Entrust America website. You need this protection! 







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